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Credit Cards... for Teens

Credit Cards, Loans and Investing for Teens

5-Session Mini-Course     $350

One-On-One Instruction



5 sessions/45-minutes each

Flexible Scheduling
FaceTime or Zoom Sessions Available

“All kids should have this course! Thanks Clint!” 

Steven L

Students follow the money and reveal the power of compound interest/gains over time. What happens after a year of adding $50/month to your credit card balance? If you borrow $4000/year through college, how long will it take to pay off your student loans? Should you go for the lower monthly payment on a car loan? What if you invest $100/month starting in your early 20s?

The course is informal but engaging. It's five sessions of realistic scenarios and practical money skills. NO HOMEWORK!! I'll work one-on-one with your son or daughter to customize instruction for his or her level and interests.


Student-Centered Instruction

“All I can say is thank God for Clint. He really is such a wonderful tutor, coach, and person. I cannot recommend him more. Never would have made it through math without him. He calms all the anxiety and teaches the concepts in clear concise ways.”
Emily D

Student-Centered Instruction

for All Kinds of Learners

No lectures.  No generic lessons. 

Only student-centered, one-on-one instruction.
26 Years' Experience

I’ve been working one-on-one with students since 2003, and I’ve learned to be more than a homework helper. I take my students under my wing and help them manage their courses. We keep track of grades, plan for quizzes and tests, and use daily assignments to continually prepare for quizzes and tests. It’s all student-centered—starting with what they know and how they learn.

  • General Math Tutoring

  • Credit Cards, Loans, and Investing for Teens (summer mini-course)

  • Summer Math Requirements, Skills Maintenance, etc.

  • Homeschooling Math

  • ACT/SAT Math

FaceTime or Zoom Sessions Available

ACT/SAT Math Boot Camp

“Hi Clint, just want to say than you!  G...'s ACT score came back today.  Her math score went [up 4 points]!  Her overall score went up 3 points!  Yeah!”
Vanessa W

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Add a few correct answers in the math section.


Your son or daughter will work short problem sets. I'll assess and remediate. NO LECTURES! We learn by doing, so your child will work more than I talk. Lessons will be short, to-the-point, and designed to stick!

Contact me. No pressure. I'd love to hear from you and answer your questions. We can schedule to meet your needs. 

Facetime or Zoom Sessions Available


"I believe Clint makes a difference in my daughter’s confidence with math and I have seen an improvement in her math scores.  I can honestly say that as long as my daughter will take math classes, Clint will be around to help her.”
Amey F



“Clint is awesome! He tutored both of my kids during high school and they looked forward to each session with him. Math became less intimidating to my kids because of Clint. Also, both kids have said that college math was doable because of the foundation Clint gave them!”
Stacey W


“...It started with a summer intensive for our oldest child to prepare for middle school math.  The following year, that child’s ERB scores in math and quantitative reasoning jumped twenty percent."

April F

“Clint is the quintessential educator that understands the 'whole' child. He gets the need to balance basic skill development while balancing concept attainment. Plus, he understands that what a student thinks & feels about their class is just as important to address. Couldn't imagine there's a better tutor out there!
Sam S

“...He was so incredibly helpful - very proactive in identifying what my son needed and also very encouraging and patient. He seemed to really connect with my son which made everything so much easier.”

Jodi A

“...He even went above and beyond by offering to communicate with her current math teacher to be sure she would be successful this school year. I can honestly say Clint is the only tutor my daughter has ever enjoyed working with.”
Monica P

“...He could take the toughest of mathematical concepts, break them down, and convey them back to me in a way I could easily understand. Algebra, geometry, calculus, trig... he can do it all. I highly recommend Clint to anyone who's struggling with any type of math.”
Danny H

"...As I sat there listening I witnessed that he wasn’t just teaching her to memorize formulas but to critically break the problem apart. I’ve seen her confidence and aptitude grow as Mr. Kaufmann has been working with her.”
Jose Z

Parents Say


M.A., Math Education, Louisiana State University

B.E., Civil Engineering, Vanderbilt University

Math Tutor/Academic Coach, 2003-present

(grades 2-college)

Math Teacher, 1996-2003

(grades 7-12)

2018 (6)_edited.jpg

“Clint has been tutoring my daughters, who were struggling in math, for a little over a year. Not only have their skills in math improved, but their enthusiasm toward the subject has grown. He is knowledgeable, patient and great with kids. Now, we have a peaceful house, with 'no more tears' during homework.Thanks Clint!”
Chrissy C

“Clint does excellent work with all types of students. He works to help your child do their best work! I've worked with him for years and have seen students grow impressively under his tutelage!”
Andy T






Since 2003, my only job has been working one-on-one with students on math.  I implement effective routines and, most importantly, MY STUDENTS' GRADES IMPROVE.

If your son or daughter is like most students, he or she will notice a big difference from our very first session.  After three sessions, if he or she is not giving a very positive report we can call off the arrangement and you won’t owe me anything.

Contact me and we’ll discuss your situation.  I customize programs to meet individual needs and schedule flexibly.

SCHOOL YEAR: $90/45-min session  
SUMMER: $70/45-min session, $50/30-min session

Discounts available for intensive routines

“Clint has been working with my daughter in Algebra II for a couple of months now. Her confidence in the subject is nothing short of amazing! Thank you! Highly recommended!”

Steven L

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